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What we deliver for brands and retailers.

  • Brand: Business development specialist & advisory for branding, marketing, and PR initiatives
  • Tech: Compose SaaS technology infrastructure recommendations & provide advisement to support digital transformation efforts
  • CRM: Customer relationship management strategy, technology design, and implementation partner research
  • CXM: Customer experience management strategy, development, and administration
  • Analytics: Provide data analysis and recommendations on how to collect, analyze, and apply data insights
  • Value: Creating innovative go-forward roadmaps that provide value-driven solutions across, people, process, partnerships, and technology

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Here’s what folks have said about our work & character.

“Neville has an intrinsic ability to genuinely understand a customer’s business needs and identify problems that they weren’t even fully aware of. His passionate proactive nature and exceptional willingness to go above and beyond, is truly one of his biggest assets.”

-CXM Professional

“Neville is an amazing asset and a team player! Neville and I partnered together on countless occasions to create a strong account team and maximize value for our clients. Neville has a way with people that always him to achieve the best scenarios in all partnerships. He listens, respects and meets client goals and does so with enthusiasm. I hope to team up with Neville again in the near future!”

-CRM Professional

“Neville is a true inspirational and diligent leader and I only hope to match his immaculate work ethic and growth mindset someday. Anyone would be lucky to work with him and I look forward to following his continued success.”

-CXM Professional

About the Founder

In 2020, Neville expanded the Soulful consulting practice having previously held leadership roles in sales, marketing, and business development at American Express, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Sprinklr. Over the course of his 17-year career, Neville has closed various large strategic deals with brands including Nike, Roc Nation, Civitech, Sirius XM, David Yurman, Coach, Neiman Marcus, Planet Fitness, and Etsy. In 2012 while at Amex, he was selected out of thousands of global candidates to lead a consultative retail technology project in Sydney, Australia. An avid world traveler, he can be found 35,000 feet in the air listening to a wide range of musical artists from John Coltrane to Fela Kuti.