Founded in 2017, Soulful Silverback is a narrative about tribulation and triumph. Our mission is to inspire those grappling with life's challenging questions to embrace their most authentic selves.

The brand design elements feature a bold 1970s orange and a modern silverback icon that is modeled after Auguste Rodin’s sculpture, The Thinker.

Continue developing a multimedia storytelling sandbox toward producing a soulful memoir that gives voice to the Black millennial experience in the 21st century. At the Silverback, our goal is to develop a community that is united in understanding and love.

Through our SaaS technology and retail consulting, we are leveraging cannabis as a means to create political, economic, and social freedom for the Black community.

We are evaluating educational non-profits to partner with but in the meantime, we continue to volunteer time speaking to universities, high schools, and sports teams. If you have ideas for partnership, let’s find the time to connect.

Neville “The Silverback” is a storyteller and a small business owner. He writes first-person stories with a soulful sound and he formed this space as a creative outlet for his passions.

We’re selling consulting services and brand apparel to fund editing our writing, piece by piece. As we continue to tinker in this digital workshop, we invite you to enjoy the Silverback experience: the soulful story of a creative brand.

Soulful Silverback’s debut reading playlist paints a vivid picture of his experiences grappling with racism and white supremacy as a Black American. The e-book “mixtape” is titled "Chaining Day" and features a collection of (12) written essays that center around his experiences with race as a 6’1 250-pound Black guy from the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, NYC.